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Shopware Plugin of the Month - Conversion Optimisation in Online Shops
Author: Raimund Graf // 7min

Shopware – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of online shop software, selects the best online shop plugins, which are awarded weekly and monthly in the Shopware Store. We are very pleased to have now received 3 awards in a row:

Shopware Plugin Of The Week August 2020

Shopware Plugin Of The Month March 2021

Shopware Plugin Of The Week May 2021

It is a small award with all the more joy, which we share with our partners and partner agencies. But the thanks for this go above all to our more than 400 long-standing customers who rely on us as the leading software for the intelligent recovery of shopping cart abandonment in e-commerce.

Following the Steps of Big Players in E-Commerce

Every company has two goals: on the one hand, to win over as many new customers as possible and, on the other hand, to continue to increase their value as existing customers. In this respect, small and medium-sized online retailers are no different from established online shops.

We firmly believe that not only established big players should benefit from modern e-commerce technology. That is why we develop our software for all shop systems equally: in addition to Shopware, we also offer our conversion software for Shopify, Magento, Oxid eSales, WooCommerce and many other providers.

Do Not Worry About Cart Abandonment Again

Shopping cart abandonments are omnipresent in every online shop, because about 70% of all filled shopping carts are left without successfully completing the purchase for various reasons. This applies equally to new and existing customers, although no two customers are alike. Thanks to anonymised data points from hundreds of online shops, our software precisely records the reason for purchase abandonment and plays out the right message in real time at the right moment without negatively influencing the shopping experience. Best of all, you only pay a small commission on the actual shopping baskets recovered if we are successful.

Exit Intent Popups

With the Exit Intent Popups, you automatically help your customers to complete the shopping process. Shortly before the customer leaves the website, a personalised Exit Intent Popup appears, which responds individually to the purchase abandonment.


Abandoned Cart Mails

With the abandonment emails, you automatically send personalised, 100% GDPR-compliant shopping cart reminders to customers who were unable to successfully complete the purchase – even without vouchers!


Newsletter Popups

Every business starts with a contact. Celebrate with us our award as Shopware Plugin of the Month March 2021 and convert your undecided but interested visitors unobtrusively into new email subscribers: For 1 EUR per potential new customer with our newsletter popups.



uptain is an easy-to-use conversion optimisation tool. It supports your online shop in effectively winning new customers and sustainably increasing the value of your existing customers. With our interlocked optimisation solutions – exit-intent pop-ups, purchase abandonment emails, as well as newsletter pop-ups – you can create a new customer experience in your Shopware (as well as other providers) online shop:

  • Use service offers and manual as well as dynamic voucher codes to prevent your new and existing customers from abandoning a purchase with a full shopping basket.
  • Use non-intrusive and individual newsletter popups to attract interested but not yet ready-to-buy potential new customers for your e-commerce email marketing in a legally secure way through double opt-in: For only 1 EUR per new newsletter subscriber.
  • Get lost existing customers (so-called cart abandoners) back into the shop in a service-oriented and 100%-GDPR-compliant automated way with personalised abandoned-buy emails and win them back successfully.

Fully Controllable Popular Features


Shopping Cart Value

Set the rules for shopping cart value: whether minimum order value or incremental discounts, customise uptain to suit your needs.


Page Tracking

Targeted communication – whether on product or category pages or only during checkout? Set the conditions, uptain does the rest for you.


Dynamic Voucher Lists

Fixed discounts, whether in % or € values, or dynamic voucher lists – uptain is as individual as your online shop!


Service Orientation

It doesn’t always have to be a voucher – offer your customers situationally appropriate service offers in case of questions or technical problems!


UTM Parameters

Avoid unnecessary additional expenditure and explicitly include or exclude your visitors depending on the UTM parameters or referring page, such as affiliates.


Customer Groups

Loyal customers remain loyal to you even without vouchers – just inspire unknown visitors with lucrative offers even before they leave your shop.



No matter what language your customers speak, multiple language templates & currencies are pre-installed, you really don’t have to worry about anything.


Proven Templates

We don’t think in terms of campaigns, we think in terms of your business goals – use proven templates that we have AB-tested in hundreds of online shops across Europe.



Not all users are ready to buy immediately, some are just browsing – win these users as newsletter subscribers for your email marketing and prevent future shopping cart abandonments with abandoned cart emails.


User Blocking

We automatically limit the playout per visitor for a certain period of time, you can also specifically exclude entire customer groups or individual customers. Without the annoyance factor!



Real-time dashboard with order values and unique order number, voucher codes used and timestamps down to the second – everything but a black box!



Our ambition is a sustainable partnership – that’s why we are always available to answer your questions, no matter how big or small your challenges are.

Advantages for Successful Online Shops

The technical support of online shops can be tedious. With uptain you opt for fast integration, intuitive operation and immediate performance – in 30 minutes without IT effort.


Plug and Play

No IT or design knowledge is required to integrate uptain. The integration usually takes 30 minutes, leaving you more time for your daily business.


Simple Setup

With uptain you can easily set up segments and individual rules according to your marketing needs:

  • Shopping cart value amount
  • URLs & UTM parameters
  • Customer groups
  • Language, tonality etc.


Ready-to-use Templates

With our tried and tested templates, you have access to guaranteed high-performance templates and don’t need to worry about campaign creation.


Best Service

Service, advice and all features are always included free of charge – our industry experts are always available to help you with both onboarding and ongoing conversion optimisation.


Success-Based Payment

No session limits and ongoing fees – you only pay a small commission on net additional sales in the event of success. All cancellations, returns, discounts and shipping costs are not commissioned.

Always transparent, fair and risk-free – this is the basis for a successful partnership.

Effortless Integration into all Shop Systems

Easy integration and multiple advantages of uptain are not only available for Shopware, but for all leading online shop systems – you can also integrate the uptain plugin effortlessly into your online shop using Java scripts or Google Tag Managers.

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