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shopping cart abandonment in online shops
Shopping Cart Abandoners: Comprehensive Guide for Online Shops

Are you annoyed by the many shopping cart abandoners in your online shop? About 70% of the filled shopping carts are abandoned. So there is a lot of potential here. In this guide you will learn everything there is to know about shopping cart abandoners: Identify reasons for abandonment, reduce…

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    shopware online shop conversion optimierung plugin
    uptain - Shopware Plugin of the Month
    We are Plugin of the Week at Shopware! It is a small award with all the greater happiness that we share with our partners and partner agencies. The thanks for this especially go to our customers who trust in us as the leading software for intelligent recovery of shopping cart…
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    proactive customer support ecommerce
    Proactive Customer Service in Online Shops
    Don't wait until customers approach you with wishes, needs and questions. Proactive service satisfies potential customers in advance, creating moments of surprise that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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    bounce rate in ecommerce
    How Online Shops reduce the Bounce Rate
    Verlassen Besucher einen Online-Shop, ohne weiter im Shop zu stöbern, wirkt sich das negativ auf die Conversion Rate aus. Eine hohe Absprungrate in Online-Shops geht zudem meist mit einer geringen Zufriedenheit der User einher. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie die Absprungrate senken und Besucher im Online-Shop halten!
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    shop performance optimisation
    Online Shop Performance Optimisation made easy!
    If a shop is too slow, the consequences can be far-reaching, because while the loading time increases, the customers' patience decreases. Eventually, the customer abandons the cart and possibly switches to the competition. A high bounce rate is the result of poor page speed. Reason enough to solve the problem!
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    Success story: Wachholder Express achieves a conversion rate of 70 % for newsletter pop-ups
    Wacholder Express doubles orders without extra effort
    The company was looking for an easy-to-use strategic tool to support its strong growth. At the same time, the tool should adapt the expertise and experience from the local business to the online shop.
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    avoid incomplete orders
    Incomplete Order: Why you should care about Shopping Cart Abandoners
    Incomplete orders exist in every online shop. If online merchants don't take care of them, it can have serious consequences for the business - both in the short and long term. If customers fill the virtual shopping cart but abandon the purchase shortly before completing it, you should act! Learn…
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    customer segmentation
    Customer Segmentation in E-Commerce
    Well considered customer segmentation has a lot of advantages in e-commerce and can help to make marketing measures much more efficient! We take a look at the advantages of creating different customer groups and which customer groups actually exist in online shops.
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    clv online shop
    Measuring and Increasing Customer Lifetime Value in E-Commerce
    Do you know the actual value of your customers? The Customer Lifetime Value is a key performance indicator that helps to measure the efficiency of your own marketing measures and to sustainably increase them on the basis of the evaluations. Learn how to use the Customer Lifetime Value in your…
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    Success Story: 11FREUNDE Shop achieves 10 x return
    10x Return on Investment achieved by the 11FREUNDE store with uptain
    Against the background of the World Cup 2018, the 11FREUNDE store was looking for ways to convert the increasing traffic effectively and to retain customers. The result: 10x Return on Investment, 10k additional revenue in €, 39% Mobile Conversion, 17% Desktop Conversion, 35% Regain Ratio for abandoned cart emails.
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    Success Story: MyRobotCENTER increases Conversion Rate by 21 %
    myRobotcenter increases conversion rate by +21%
    The company is looking for an onsite tool that increases the conversion rate across all countries without annoying the visitors. More than 400,000 monthly sessions are to be used optimally. The result: 21% conversion rate increase, 15% reduction in advertising costs, positive customer feedback, onsite optimization without annoying factors.
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    newsletter popups
    Newsletter Popups For Newsletter Subscriber Generation
    Newsletters are an effective and inexpensive way for companies to directly address target groups. The advantages are obvious: recipients can be easily segmented, the approach can be personalised and a campaign can be easily scaled. Find out what successful newsletter pop-ups look like.