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Shopware Plugin of the Month - Conversion Optimisation in Online Shops
uptain - Shopware Plugin of the Month

We are Plugin of the Week at Shopware! It is a small award with all the greater happiness that we share with our partners and partner agencies. The thanks for this especially go to our customers who trust in us as the leading software for intelligent recovery of shopping cart…

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    christmas season ecommerce
    Christmas Sales 2021 in Online Shops
    Even though most online shops are well prepared for the 2021 Christmas sales, some are unfortunately overlooking fundamental opportunities. Because with a minimum of extra effort, a maximum of sustainable growth can be achieved.
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    Digital Customer Communication Digitale Kundenkommunikation
    Digital Customer Communication: More Service For The User Experience
    Digital customer communication is an important part of the user experience and provides great potential for satisfying customer needs and convincing customers of one's own brand. We bring together 6 ideas that online shops can use to improve their customer communication and thus win the loyalty of their customers.
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    mobile commerce
    Successful Mobile Commerce: 7 Tips for Online Shops
    Mobile Commerce continues to grow rapidly: More and more customers are using mobile devices to make their online purchases. All the more important it is to upgrade your own online shop for Mobile Commerce as quickly as possible. With our 7 tips for success, you won't miss out on mobile…
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    newsletter marketing dsgvo gdpr
    Successful Newsletter Marketing in compliance with the GDPR
    Newsletters are still one of the most successful advertising tools. However, some legal aspects need to be noted here: Since email addresses are counted as personal data, the GDPR applies to the generation of newsletter subscribers. Find out how successful newsletter marketing complies with the GDPR.
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    Avarage Order Value Warenkorbwert in Online Shops
    8 Effective Methods To Increase Shopping Cart & Order Values
    There is significant untapped sales potential for your online shop in the shopping basket. Use these existing potentials and increase the shopping basket value. The fact that these optimisations pay off in the long term is directly reflected in the increase in turnover and profit. We show you the best…
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    Kundenbindung im E-Commerce, Customer Loyalty
    Customer Loyalty: More Sustainability in E-Commerce
    New customers are important for every company. But the greatest sales potential for online shops lies in customer loyalty, because: What good are new customers if I can't keep them in the long term? Find out now how you can skilfully bind once acquired customers to your online shop and…
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    Digital Customer Centricity Digitale Kundenzentrierung
    Digital Customer Centricity: Sales Opportunity for Online Shops
    Mastering the challenges of digitalisation means first and foremost rethinking. When it comes to customer centricity, small and medium-sized online shops in particular still have a hard time. But it is clear: customer centricity must also be digitalised - no matter how big the online shop is. We show you…
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    international ecommerce
    International E-Commerce: How to successfully sell worldwide?
    E-commerce is experiencing a rapid upswing worldwide. Anyone planning to internationalise an online shop has a good chance - but only with the right planning. Find out in which countries you have the best chances and which technical requirements must be met for international online shops.
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    payment options ecommerce uahlungsarten online shops
    Comparison of Payment Methods: Standard Payment vs. Quick Payment
    The right mix of Payment Methods prevents cart abandonments: Around 16% of customers abandon a purchase if they do not find the Payment Method they prefer. Which Payment Methods must online merchants offer their customers? What do customers want? We start the comparison: Standard Payment vs. Quick Payment.
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    buying motives ecommerce kaufmotive online shops
    How to identify Buying Motives and increase Online Sales: 7 Tips
    Why do shop visitors decide to place orders in certain online shops? If you know the buying motives of your customers, you can set targeted incentives to significantly increase sales and thus turnover. We show you which rational and emotional buying motives exist and how you can awaken them.