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onlineshop optimisation
Online Shop Optmisation: Use the Potential for Optimisation

Approximately 70% of filled shopping carts are abandoned. This high abandonment rate means missed sales for online merchants and in many cases even dissatisfied customers who do not return. Don't miss out on this sales potential!

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    christmas season ecommerce
    Christmas Sales 2022 in Online Shops
    Even though most online shops are usually well prepared for Christmas sales, some are unfortunately overlooking fundamental opportunities. Because with a minimum of extra effort, a maximum of sustainable growth can be achieved.
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    shopware online shop conversion optimierung plugin
    uptain - Shopware Plugin of the Month
    We are Plugin of the Week at Shopware! It is a small award with all the greater happiness that we share with our partners and partner agencies. The thanks for this especially go to our customers who trust in us as the leading software for intelligent recovery of shopping cart…
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    payment options ecommerce uahlungsarten online shops
    Comparison of Payment Methods: Standard Payment vs. Quick Payment
    The right mix of Payment Methods prevents cart abandonments: Around 16% of customers abandon a purchase if they do not find the Payment Method they prefer. Which Payment Methods must online merchants offer their customers? What do customers want? We start the comparison: Standard Payment vs. Quick Payment.
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    buying motives ecommerce kaufmotive online shops
    How to identify Buying Motives and increase Online Sales: 7 Tips
    Why do shop visitors decide to place orders in certain online shops? If you know the buying motives of your customers, you can set targeted incentives to significantly increase sales and thus turnover. We show you which rational and emotional buying motives exist and how you can awaken them.
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    Conversion Rate steigern in Online Shops
    Increase Conversion Rate: This is how it works!
    More customers, increasing orders and higher sales: Conversion Rate Optimisation has a huge impact on the success of your online shop. But what is the key figure about the KPI? How do you use it in E-commerce? And above all: How do you increase the Conversion Rate? Take a look…
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    Social Proof in ecommerce online shops
    Social Proof in E-Commerce: 10 Proven Examples for More Conversions
    Social proof in e-commerce: The psychological phenomenon explains how people orientate themselves on the behaviour of other people and rely on their opinions and ratings. Online retailers have a variety of options to build up social proof in their own online shop and thereby encourage more visitors to buy.
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    item description Artikelbeschreibung E-Commerce, Produktbeschreibung Online Shop
    Successful Item Descriptions for Online Shops
    Why do customers decide to place orders in a particular online shop? The decisive factor here is the motives for buying. So recognise the buying motives of your visitors and then fulfil the customer needs! We compile 7 central buying motives and show you how to stimulate them on the…
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    Awareness in E-Commerce Conversion Funnel
    Awareness: The First Touchpoint in the Conversion Funnel
    Sales in online shops can only be increased if the customer's needs have first been awakened. This first phase of the conversion funnel is called "awareness". For online shops, the Awareness phase is about generating attention and needs in the customers in order for them to make a purchase. Learn…
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    Online Shop Umsatz steigern increase sales in online shops
    Sales increase: Turnover in your Online Shop
    Are you looking for more ways to increase sales - without having to turn your entire online shop upside down? As long as the right measures sustainably increase sales and ensure strong customer loyalty, there are no limits to your creativity. We show you how to increase your sales without…
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    B2b Conversion Rate Optimierung Online Shops
    B2B Conversion Optimisation: The Unattended Potential of 4 Simple Tactics
    Business-to-business relationships have some special features in many respects, because purchase relationships between two companies run differently in practice than those between companies and end consumers. Accordingly, the measures for conversion rate optimisation also differ greatly in B2B.
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    ecommerce conversion killer
    Conversion Killers - The most common Mistakes in Conversion Optimisation
    You want to optimise the conversion rate of an online shop, but don't want to do anything wrong? When it comes to well-intentioned conversion rate optimisation, mistakes can quickly occur. Find out which stumbling blocks you should be aware of and how to avoid them so that nothing stands in…
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    Traffic und COnvetsion Optimierung Online Shops
    Traffic vs. Conversions: How to get started in E-Commerce
    Anyone who has a successful online shop converts the existing traffic into customers. The obvious conclusion: the higher the traffic, the better for sales. But only when the conversion rate is good can an online shop be sustainably successful in the long term. We show when and how the conversion…