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onlineshop optimisation
Online Shop Optmisation: Use the Potential for Optimisation

Approximately 70% of filled shopping carts are abandoned. This high abandonment rate means missed sales for online merchants and in many cases even dissatisfied customers who do not return. Don't miss out on this sales potential!

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    customer feedback e commerce
    Customer Reviews for Online Shops

    Customer reviews in your online shop increase the trust of customers and are one of the most important factors for deciding whether to buy or not. Learn how to get positive reviews and how to deal with negative reviews.

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    christmas season ecommerce
    Christmas Sales 2022 in Online Shops: Hidden Potentials

    Even though most online shops are usually well prepared for Christmas sales, some are unfortunately overlooking fundamental opportunities. Because with a minimum of extra effort, a maximum of sustainable growth can be achieved.

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    newsletter aufbau beispiele
    Newsletter Structure for your Online Shop

    Would you like to create a newsletter? Email marketing plays an important role in the online marketing strategy and is a promising solution to reach target groups directly. But what does the perfect newsletter structure actually look like?

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    search engine optimisation online shop
    SEO: Search Engine Optimisation for Online Shops

    Increasing visibility boosts traffic and thus the chance of higher sales - a potential that should not be missed in times of increased competition. How to start SEO for your online shop.

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    5 Must-Have Tacticts for Reducing E-Commerce Returns

    While ecommerce returns are an advantage for the consumer, they often have negative economic consequences for the online shop and are one of the biggest challenges for online merchants. To effectively reduce returns in the long term, proactive and reactive returns management can help.

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    How to increase Online Shop Sales with Incentives

    How do online merchants set the right incentives to offer customers the best possible added value and thus significantly increase sales? Read the answer in this blog post.

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    shopping cart online shop
    Shopping Cart Optimisation in Online Shops

    For an online shop, the shopping cart is an elementary and at the same time critical component of the purchase, because it is the link between the product selection and the checkout. Since most shopping carts in online retail are abandoned, it is worth taking a closer look at the…

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    more traffic ecommerce
    How to increase Traffic in your Online Shop

    If online shops do not generate any visitors, this ultimately means no revenue. Traffic is thus essential for the long-term survival of a successful online business. As an online merchant, the central question is always: How do I get more visitors to my website?

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    multichannel onlineshop
    The 5 Biggest Challenges in Multichannel Sales

    Multichannel sales offers the opportunity to connect the offline and online worlds. These are the 5 biggest challenges in multichannel sales and the solutions.