What are the Shopware costs?

shopware costs
Author: Henning Ahlers // 8min

Anyone who wants to set up an online shop and is looking for suitable shopsystems will quickly come across Shopware. The modular online shop system is currently one of the most popular solutions in e-commerce. Numerous companies, from start-ups and SMEs to global players such as EURONICS or Philips, already rely on the services of the software.

Shopware convinces with its user-friendly application, numerous functions, various plug-ins and interfaces. In a nutshell, the comprehensive tool has everything a successful online shop needs to get started. Sooner or later the question of Shopware costs arises.

This is exactly what we want to get to the bottom of in the following article and look at the Shopware costs in detail.

What are the advantages of Shopware?

Shopware has established itself as one of the leading out-of-the-box shop systems and is an e-commerce solution for beginners as well as for established companies that offers everything for operating an online shop.

Initially independent of the individual Shopware costs, the all-rounder convinces with advantages such as:

  • User-friendliness through clear interfaces and intuitive navigation.
  • Comprehensive interface management to your own ERP system, marketplaces and payment service providers.
  • Low effort for seamless integration into your own IT landscape.
  • Individual customisation through ready-made or self-programmed plug-ins is easily possible.
  • Access to numerous extensions and thus the possibility of almost unlimited scalability.
  • Different languages and currencies can be set.
  • Modern and contemporary themes.
  • Already designed for Responsive Design.
  • Focus on creating worlds of experience and emotional shopping with the storytelling function.
  • Designed for B2C as well as B2B.
  • High degree of dynamism and flexibility.


The current version is Shopware 6. The shop system is “Made in Germany”, but nevertheless offers a high degree of internationalisation and comprehensive multilingual support. Shopware lays the foundation for (international) growth. This also distinguishes the provider from Shopify or WooCommerce. For some time now, there has also been a cloud solution, which eliminates the need for hosting. A cost point that you have to consider in the overall Shopware costs – but by no means the only one.

Let’s take a closer look at the Shopware costs. The good news: Shopware is initially free of charge.

No Shopware costs?!

Shopware was created as an open source solution. The provider’s free Community Edition is fully functional and packed with comprehensive basic functions that do not incur any Shopware costs. Above all, anyone who wants to run a small and simply structured online shop is already well equipped with the Community Edition. A quick start is also guaranteed.

Even common payment methods and shipping service options are available without Shopware costs and mobile versions are covered. Hosting is possible via your own server or a hosting provider of your choice. Although the Community Edition comes without manufacturer support, you are by no means left alone. Around 5,000 members support each other in the community.

However, if you want to run a professional online shop and grow, you should upgrade to the next higher version, which will incur Shopware costs for the first time.

The Shopware Costs of the Shopware Editions

In order to operate your online shop with Shopware, you need to get the corresponding licence of the respective edition. Since Shopware 6, the Shopware costs are structured even more simply. There are three editions, one of which is the open-source variant already described:

  • Community Edition (open source)
  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprise Edition

Cost of Shopware: Professional Edition

The Shopware costs of the Professional Edition amount to 2,495 € once or in the subscription model from 199 € per month. The Shopware costs include all the basic functions of the Community Edition including extended marketing and SEO options and the connection function to your own ERP system. Those who opt for the one-off payment get the Silver Subscription (individual support by the manufacturer) worth € 69 per year for 12 months included.

Cost of Shopware: Enterprise Edition

Take it to the next level with the Enterprise Edition, which is only available on request. The Shopware costs for the purchase of the licence amount to €39,995.00 once or from €2,495.00 per month. However, in this case the tool is individually tailored, so the Shopware costs vary depending on the customer project. With the Enterprise Edition you have the most comprehensive version, which of course also affects the Shopware costs. However, if you want to set up a highly professional online shop at a high-performance level, the Enterprise Edition is an excellent choice.

In addition to all the functions of the Professional Edition, the Enterprise Edition also includes

  • many special solutions for B2B business
  • a powerful search function
  • comprehensive CMS functions
  • and much more

In addition, for the Shopware costs you enjoy a premium service including developer support, emergency support 24/7 and personal support during installation. The Diamond Subscription, worth from €799, is included in the payment of the one-off Shopware costs.

The choice of licence is the basis for your online shop. You should also calculate the following Shopware costs.

Think about these Shopware costs too

Buying the licence is only part of the Shopware costs. You also need to think about the fees for hosting, themes, programming effort or plugins. The Shopware costs are strongly oriented towards the individual requirements and the project volume. There are no upper limits.

The cost of the Shopware Cloud

For some time now, Shopware 6 has had a cloud as a software-as-a-service. This eliminates the need for hosting (and fees). The Starter edition has no fixed monthly Shopware costs. However, you pay a 3% commission on sales. The Advanced package is 29 € Shopware costs per month and 1.5 % commission on sales. If you have opted for the Professional Edition, you can book the Cloud for € 199 and 0.5 % commission.

Shopware hosting and domain costs

If you prefer to keep everything in your own hands, you should host Shopware on your own server that meets all system requirements. You will also need a domain. Calculate with about 5 to 20 € per year for the domain. The Shopware costs for hosting usually amount to about 50 to 150 € per year.

You should also include the costs for setting up and installing Shopware in the Shopware costs. From setting up the terms and conditions to configuring the payment methods, this takes some time and also costs money.

Shopware design costs

An appealing shop design is the next cost point with Shopware. When choosing a theme, in addition to a stylish design that matches your shop, you should also place value on good usability. Some of the standard themes are already impressive and offer the possibility of individualisation with logo and CI.

The Shopware costs are the lowest and you can start from 200 €. If you want a completely individual look, you can engage a graphics agency to build a completely personal template for you. If the Shopware costs are too high for you in this case, but you still have special wishes, you can alternatively have the standard designs adapted by a graphics professional.

Shopware costs for individual plugins

It often arises that one has individual and special requirements for a software. Shopware offers plugins for this purpose, which you can find in the provider’s store. For example, you can connect external suppliers or adapt the ordering process to the preferences of your target group. If you use the paid extensions, Shopware costs between €10 and €300.

Fixed and variable Shopware costs

Shopware costs are not just a one-off payment. Depending on the variant you choose, you will have to bear ongoing monthly costs for the edition, your infrastructure and regular updates. Always include optimisations into your running Shopware costs. The requirements are becoming ever higher. If you want to keep up, you should release an annual budget for Shopware costs.

The total Shopware costs

Ultimately, Shopware costs are always to be considered individually and depend heavily on your requirements, goals and ideas. Due to the modern modular structure of the tool, you are largely in control of the Shopware costs. Plan as follows:

  • Small shop under your own management: between 0 € and 1,000 €
  • Small shop with support from an agency: from 6,000 €
  • Professional shop with adaptation of basic functions: from 14,000 €
  • Individual, professional shop (in the small editions): from € 22,000
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